Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Weekend to Chao Zhou | Sunday

After a light breakfast in the second hotel, we headed to a local clan's temple. I didn't take any photos of breakfast because I only had some fresh fruit, since we are going to go back to the first restaurant we went for Friday's lunch again. 

First thing you will notice is probably seeing elephants figures on the building sites, especially on the wall interiors. As far as I know, elephants are mainly seen (religiously) in Malaysian or even Thailand.We were told that they have included elephants on the wall decorations because the clan/ main family have had been to Thailand or Malaysia for business reasons and have brought them fortune. 

After the visit to the clan's temple, we then went to a park at Lotus Mountain for a walk around and learn about the history of this person who came Chao Zhou in the photo below. To be honest, I'm the worst person to explain history into a story itself, 

Back to the same restaurant we started our foodie trip! 



Chao Zhou Dessert 
I didn't take that many photos from lunch either... no excuses but some were the same dishes which we have had before but yet, we still wanted to eat more! That concludes the last photos before taking a long 6.5 hour bus ride back to Shenzhen and then back over the boarder to Hong Kong! Since it was the weekend, traffic always tend to be worse... so it took longer than expected. After saying our farewells and exchanging numbers to keep in touch with these foodies, it was a weekend to remember for us foodies for sure! 

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