Friday, 20 March 2015

Australia | A Day in Brisbane

Goodbye Melbourne and Helloooooooo Brisbane! 

We stayed at Hotel Jen which is just a 10 minute walk away from the main streets of Queen Street Mall, as well as The Wheel of Brisbane. 

It was really nice of the hotel give us a little Chinese New Year gift. 
The simple accessories I travel with me everywhere I go. I've already had a post about this, check it out (here) if you wanna have a look. Try travelling light! That's the point but in the end you might actually buying more than you thought you would during the trip. Since we couldn't check into our rooms until later in the afternoon, we decided to head out to find us a good spot for lunch. 

Kurilpa Bridge 

I'm not gona lie, but when we walked pass this restaurant, I really couldn't stop laughing. Call me weird from my Asian side but many of my Singaporean friends end their sentences with a "la" and I couldn't help myself from thinking of them when we walked pass Fish La. The other funniest thing to me was when we walked into the Italian restaurant called Julius. All I could then think of is my bestie back in Hong Kong, he's got the oven and everything else named after him! I know it's lame but in a way, I miss my friends when I travel. 

Nice glass of cider for the afternoon 
Left to Right
Pasta of the Day | Pesce del Giorno | Insalata Romana | Prosciutto Pizza 
Since it was raining heavily a little after we were having our lunch and why not enjoy a little dessert slowly anyway? So few of us had an Affogato and enjoyed the sweet coffee till the rain stopped. Since the rain didn't stop till late in the afternoon, we managed to head out from the restaurant when the rain had just stopped, on the way back to the hotel so we can check in, we walked pass the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) where they were showcasing the Japanese Art after 1989 and when I saw the large poster outside of the gallery building, I just had to go in and have a look at the exhibition especially after knowing they had works of Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kusama included! 

Made with Starbuck's paper bag

One of my favorite shots and visit to at gallery ! 
Both her and I were obsessing over Murakami's creations

Floating Castle 
 After the visit at the gallery, we went back to the hotel to freshen up since we were caught in the rain. Then the sky slowly cleared up and it was a great weather to head to the The Wheel of Brisbane since we had some time to spare and we couldn't really go anywhere further than the area we were staying at. Because the day after, we were off to Tangalooma Island. 

A ride at The Wheel of Brisbane, a gazillion photos later and a quick walk over the Victoria Bridge we headed to a restaurant called Jelly Fish where we read the seafood's pretty good. So why not? Off we went and ordered a whole table of food to share as usual. 


Tiger Prawn 
Tuna | Corn Salad 
Cobia | Swordfish | 

The only thing that ruined some of our moods to end the evening, was the cabs in Brisbane... we know it was not too far to walk back to the hotel but since we have a little one with us who fell asleep, we decided to take a taxi back to the hotel since we didn't have any umbrellas on us and it started to rain again. I won't really say the reason and the whole deal but the taxi was very unpleasant ride back to the hotel. 


159 Roma Street
Queensland 4000

Restaurants :

77 Grey Street
South Brisbane
Queensland 4101 

Boardwalk Level, 
Riverside Centre 
123 Eagle Street
Queensland 4000

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