Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Australia | Last Day in Melbourne

 On our last whole day in Melbourne, we decided to take it easy and chill out with a little bit of a shop around! I will write a separate haul post for those who are more interested in the local makeup stash I managed to get. We went back to Coco Lounge again and this time, I opted for the Smashed Avo! I was warned by a friend who now works as a chef in Melbourne City too and he's definitely warned me that a lot of the breakies in Australian about include avocados, and to the obvious point, I had to try it out! I can see why Australians love to add avocados to their breakfasts now... It's amazing! 

In love with the neon corals! 
How amazing is this?! 

Since it was Chinese New Year too, we also had a gathering for the traditional dinner. It was a lovely end to the short stay at Melbourne, meeting new friends too. Can never go wrong with great food, wine and the company you're with! 

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