Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Australia | Melbourne Part 2

Falling straight to sleep after the first day out in Melbourne City really tired me out, it was like a knock out once my head hit the feather soft pillows. Up again feeling alot more fresh! We went to a breakfast nook just around the corner from the hotel where we were staying. How could I resist a good old soy Chai Latte though right? I do find them alot sweeter in Australia though. 

Eggs Begs with additional of mushroom and hash browns 
Just a little after breakfast, we drove up to Mount Dandenong and looked out on to this incredible view. 

At Soap Opera 
On our way back down to town after having a lovely sunny morning walk at Mount Dandenong, we went pass a few touristy shops and as the beauty and makeup geek I can get, I went into a shop called Soap Opera which sells 100% natural naturopathically formulated products. I managed to pick up a few bits and bobs and the one thing that caught my attention the most was this facial serum (photo above). The shop assistant said to me that it is supposedly to replace the use of moisturizer. After having a try on my hand, I thought I would get a small bottle because of the beneficial facts which it calms do have and do. Will definitely try and update you guys on this, but the only down side (to me at least) it really does have a strong scent of cucumber. 

Vietnamese Ice Coffee 

We had a very late lunch but alot of food was ordered to share! Nothing better than that. Couldn't pass up on a good bowl of beef pho! With a glass of ice cold Vietnamese ice coffee either. I really do prefer the hot drip coffee but since it was over 30 degrees out, definitely cooled down after having a few sips of the ice coffee. I even had a second one to fulfill my sweet tooth craving and caffeine booast. Shortly after a very late late lunch, few of us headed back to the hotel, freshened up and then we were off to another place for dinner! I kid you not, we don't ever stop eating. 

Wasabi Margarita 
I was very intrigued with the Wasabi Margarita, hoping that it would really give a kick to it but sadly, it didn't have the wasabi flavor I was expecting. Maybe the bar tender added too much lime juice and covered the flavor.   

There was a little one travelling with us and she had some Salmon Maki and Chicken with veggies 
Machi Omakase (Trust the Chef) 
Scallop with Mayonnaise Sauce | Marinated Vegetables 
Marinated Tuna | Fried Tofu 
Fried Oyster 
Gyokai Moriwase (Seafood Platter)

Slow Cooked Lamb Soy
Sesame, Green Tea Ice Cream with Chocolate Spring Roll

Restaurants :

Coco Lounge
93 Kingsway,
Glen Waverly,
Victora 3150,

Hoa Tran
246 A Springvale Road,
Victoria 3171

14 Inkerman Street,
St Kilda, 
Victora 3182,


  1. Love the colorful chopsticks, stirrers, straws

    1. Thank you!! I love the contrast it gives too (:


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