Saturday, 14 March 2015

Australia | Melbourne : Phillip Island

We were very fortunate to get a glorious day out to Phillip Island! The most exciting things I have been looking forward to were to see Koala bears even if I can't hold them, and seeing the little penguins. A 45 minute drive from where we started off, and over the bridge. First stop! Was actually Penguin Paradise where we can get ourselves some tickets in advance before they all get sold out. I do recommend getting the tickets what they call Penguin Plus if you are visiting for the day at Phillip Island. There is also a package which combines the ticket with 3 Parks Pass for discounted entry to the Koala Conservation Center, as well as the Churchill Island Heritage Farm. 

Spot the cuteness
Another one snoozing 
They are just too adorable!! 
Mucking about with my Dad as always
Our view at lunch 
Prawn salad 
Soy Chai Latte 

Fishing for a Rainbow Trout
It was a fine day to fish for some trout too! So we went and caught some, eventually. I can't take credit for the catch in the end because I didn't end up fishing any myself BUT! we did have some delicious cooked tout by the chef there. With a bottle of Portello which I was suggested by the assistant there. Tasted a little between Rubicon and Ribena, which actually was very refreshing. 

100% Chocolate 
Shame we weren't able to enter the chocolate factory when we got there because the last tour was just before they closed the shop. 

Just a note : These little penguins realistically fit into the size of my palm !

Those are penguin houses! They all travel far just to go home and we were told that some of them don't reach their own little hut after another 2 kilometers hike after the swim across the ocean! Must be tired for their little bodies! 

On route to see the little penguins ! 

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