Thursday, 9 April 2015

Australia | Berries, Marines & Whiskies

Gorgeous day out and and we thought it was about time we went for some berry picking action!! Adding with a few Nashi pears and apples on the way too. Went drove up to Sorell's Fruit Farm and because it was their summer holiday, we've been told by the care taker that most of the strawberries would have been already been picked and eaten. Just as we arrived, a group of tour had just left the farm too! Guess it was just our luck too. 

We had a little visit from our little friend from the forest berries too. 

#selfie moment ahaha! 

Chai Latte. I'm obsessed!! 

Turkey with cranberry panini and salad 
Carrot and Cumin Soup

Another #selfie opportunity whilst the rest were fast asleep

We didn't plan to drive out far today so had a little re-freshening moment back at the hotel and thought it was a good opportunity to visit the marine-time museum down the road from the hotel too. I didn't realize that the whaling industry was quite a popular site in Australia back in the day too. 

Meet my new friend, The Great Dane

Whiskey tasking time!! Even though it's the only shot I managed to take, you'd be surprised that the Single Malk Whisky by Lark Distillery in single cask is 58%! It was pretty cold in the late afternoon and it definitely warmed me up from head to stomach. My whole esophagus didn't feel like it was burning at all but very smooth. If you come by it and you like your whiskies, have a try!  

Big Foot was here too. 


I wasn't too big of a fan of the service of the Mures Upper Deck. We were told that the table is still occupied and had asked us to wait instead. Okay, so we did. I even went to the bathroom and went pass the main dining area. There was not even one person in site seated at any tables... I wonder if that's because if the kitchen isn't fully operational just yet? Or they just did not anticipate having us just a tat early . At the end of the night, we ended up having a lobster portion waved from our bill because we waited for our main course for more than an hour long. At least it was worth the wait, the food was delicious but the service just made it disappointing. I'm really haunted by my old job can't you tell? Even though the food was yummy to the tummy but with that kind of service, I much prefer having the food downstairs where we had lunch (canteen styled). The food is just as good there too. 

Not a person in site...
I really should have taken a 180 degree shot ! 

Grilled Fish with Risotto 

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