Monday, 20 April 2015

Australia | Day at The Gorge

A long drive over to Launceston's First Basin Chairlift was further than we expected but at least we had a gorgeous morning to start the day off. The only thing that would creep anyone out would be the steel chairlifts...With only a steel bar each to protect us from falling off our seats, safe to say that my knees were pretty weak when I got off the chair that instant when I got to touch the ground again. 

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Since it was a bit of a drive, we headed back after a good walk around, and lunched with quite a few peacocks strolling around. Can't ask for a better afternoon with a view either. By the time we got back around the hotel area, we decided to go back to The Roaring Grill for dinner because we couldn't think of any other places to go to and food was nice there. So off we went for dinner and ended


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