Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Australia | Last Day

As for the last full day in Aussie, we came to this oyster farm (Barilla Bay) not far from the hotel which we have booked in advance ages ago. I don't know if it was my hearing back then or what, but I kept hearing someone saying Gorilla Bay during the whole time at the tour... Apart from oysters, they so sell many abalones from Candy Abalone, they mainly stock on Greenlip and Blacklip Abalones (dried). Greenlip is only found on the Northern Coast of Tasmania, so it is pricier. 

Little after getting our names registered and confirmation checked, off we went to the tour of the oyster farm! 


From baby to adult to GIANT! 
Shells everywhere! 
Which one do you think is Blacklip and/ Greenlip Abalone?
Abalones Drying in Process 
Oyster Farm 

We each got half a dozen of oysters to try fresh from the farm as well as a little piece of the expensize Greenlip abalone! Little after that, our group went upstairs to the restaurant area to have some lunch. 

Tasmanian Salmon | Confit Duck Maryland | Fish and Chips 
Clockwise to Center from
Barilla Chowder | Tasmanian Salmon | Vegetables and Fries | Confit Duck Maryland |
Another Barilla Chowder | Greenlip Abalone to share | Quinoa Tabouleh Salad | Fish and Chips
After a nice relaxing lunch, bellies full and feeling sleepy straight after getting onto the car. Since there weren't much to do around, we headed up to Old Hobart Town Model Village . Don't expect it to be like Legoland because you can literally walk around the area within 30 hour if you read all the descriptions explaining what each part of the town was once like. This model village is all handcrafted by a pair of brothers over a three year period. The shopkeeper tells me that all ages from school visit as a field trip to learn about the history how Hobart came to be to the present day. 

Next to the Model Village is a craft store which mainly sells wood crafts and works. I managed to get myself a boomerang as a souvenir. Apparently, it's been tested and the boomerang did come back after being thrown out. 

Not exactly our last meal but close enough to having this much seafood for a long while! We headed back to the Mures Lower Deck for dinner. 

After a good night sleep and all packed and ready to head home! 

And my detox began here with a vege and walnut mix with brown rice! Enough to fill me up to last me till I board the plane from Melbourne back to Hong Kong. 

That ends the Aussie adventure... Even though I felt quite discriminated in general, overall, we enjoyed ourselves with the company we had and all the glorious food!!

Now... Detoxing on the menu. 

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