Monday, 6 April 2015

Australia | Tasmania - Bruny Island

After having a light breakfast and a good debate with the hotel receptionist that we have actually made the booking online for our breakfast included, with confirmation printings too. The receptionist really did not look like a happy bunny that we went up to her for that... Anyway! We took the vehicle ferry over to Bruny Island from The Mirambeena, only a $30 return ticket per vehicle. The fee differs from the type of car you drive too. Check (here) for more information. First stop you'd definitely have to drive pass is "Get Shucked" oyster farm. It's not even gone pass 11 am and we're already up for some fresh oysters!!

If you can read this in Chinese, you'll understand why I laughed about it 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Cardigan | Cotton On Dress | Vans Lo Pro Shoes | American Vintage Backpack 

YUP! It was just 11 am by the time I started drinking cider!
Beetroot face on the way... 

Since the weather was leaning towards the cooler and rainy side, we weren't able to do any berry pickings but managed to wait for the ducks to do their crossing on our way to lunch. Yes, we just had oysters for brunch and we're already off to have some lunch to hide away from the rain. 

Chai Latte 

After lunch, we went pass a chocolate shop down the road and even went to a winery on the island. I'm not going to lie but we weren't not the biggest fans of the wine there... few of us felt that the wine was much too young. We drove a little around the island a little further to see what's around. Mainly saw the camp site for trailers and campers, apart from that, we couldn't see the white wallabies because the drive down was too far for us for the day trip. SO! Off we drove, back towards the ferry because we were trying to catch the 5pm boat. Without a doubt, we stopped by Get Shucked again and had even more oysters. I'm not even going to lie but the people on Bruny Island are much nicer than the ones at Hobart itself... Am I being biased? I have been warned by a few local Australian friends that discrimination out of the biggest cities does get a little worse. No offence to any fellow Australian readers but it really was what I had experienced personally. 

If you think we weren't hungry enough, we made a booking back in Hobart at the "Roaring Grill" for dinner. 

Cocktail : Strawberry Fields 

Onion Rings 
Poterhouse - Cape Grim 

Lamb Shoulder 

Apple Tart
Creme Brulee 
We were all definitely well fed on this day! 

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