Monday, 4 May 2015

Australia | Haul

From the background, Peter Alexander pajama bottom and shorts plus a maxi skirt by Dotti that I picked up when it was on sale during a rainy day in Brisbane. I've tried to find a matching one online but unfortunately, they were already sold out. I love their prints so much so that I might have converted from Victoria Secret. 

When in Australia, there's no doubt to buy any Jurlique products at the duty free shop when you're leaving the country! I was also tempted to get some M.A.C limited edition products too but did I really need that extra lipstick ? Now I wish I just did now, knowing that lips junkie I can be. I've mentioned Soap Opera and Natio's products before, so I won't go too into too much detail. Though, a review will be up. 

Target, Target, Target... I just had to go in and get some Australian products as well! Maybelline (not Aussie but hey! makeup is makeup) lipstick I mentioned in my last post on March and April Favorites was also a purchase because they don't carry it in Hong Kong. I've picked up Nude by Nature (also an Australian brand) Illuminater. When I was testing it at the shop, it wasn't bad, will need to see how it turns out on my skin now especially summer's just around the corner!

If you live in Hong Kong, Lucas' Papaw Ointment can be found in Mannings I believe but with a price that comes with it too. So during the trip, picking up a few and even a jar was more than a bonus! It's great for the lips and irritated skin! A temporary relief for dermatitis and eczema is great too. 

Lastly, are definitely the abalones that we've bought at the Barilla Bay and at the airport!  

If I go back to Australia next time, what would you recommend for me to buy and try? 

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