Saturday, 9 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day

For my English friends, this must have been way past the Mother's Day date. Since I do follow the Canadian American... Anyway! It was such a fun afternoon and thank you to Louis Vuitton for organizing this event! Partnering with DBS, they have called in Flannel Flowers for this special occasion for this Mother's Day Event.

Located within the luxurious fashion shop, with about 8 different types of flowers and leaves for the flower arrangement each.  I don't know the exact names of the flowers and leaves but I will list them out as soon as I get all the correct names.

Flannel Flowers can be found in Time Square and IFC. They have been around for a little less than 20 years in Hong Kong. If you've ever gone past their stall before, you'll understand why I love their flowers every time I walk by. Flowers are mainly imported from Japan, America and Holland. Head over to their website to see their bouquets and gallery (here)

The instructor managed to arrange her's within 5 minutes! It was definitely the most speedy one I've ever seen in my life! Quickly demonstrating and teaching us each type of leave and flower that are used. 

With Mia Madre and our creations

At the end of it, with Flannel Flower's assistants around to help us with our floral arrangements and packing our final pieces to take home. So thank you Louis Vuitton and Flannel Flowers for the gorgeous flowers and fun time at the event! It was definitely a very enjoyable time with my mom for an early Mother's Day celebration. 

How're you celebrating Mother's Day this year? 


  1. I hope you have a great mothers day! Taking a class like this sounds so fun!
    alexis @

    1. I hope you do too!! have a good one x

  2. What a beautiful post, Stephanie! It sounds like such a great class, and such a good idea for mothers day! Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Thank you Harriet! Hope you had a lovely mother's day too xxx

  3. Just catching up on your blog! Wow, thanks for sharing your photos and experience. 見多識廣!good job Silv.


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