Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Kyoto | First Night

Camera, Passport and I'm ready to go! 

Tickets from Kansai Airport to Kyoto 

First thing that happened after getting off at Kansai Airport in Osaka was a questionnaire... but for doing the survey with the lovely lady whilst we were waiting for our train. I got a new pair of chopsticks already! Usagi chopsticks! Looks like the trips is on a good start. 

Haruka Express
On route to Kyoto 
We stayed at the Granvia Hotel which is a little more expensive BUT! you are literally right above Kyoto Station. Comes in handy and convenience of course! 

View from my room 
By the time we arrived to the hotel, it was near to dinner time and we decided to have an early dinner after all the travelling. The first night can sometimes be a bit of a mysterious one for dinner. Instead of looking through the books we brought along with us, to see which restaurant we should go try. We just went on to the streets near by the hotel and found this one called "Ichishun". Mind you, not everyone speaks perfect English, so the food we order were pretty much on random and guesses for some. Thank god my parents read Chinese anyways because a lot of the words are very similar to kanji. 

Le Menu

Tamago (Egg)
Sake Soup with Clams 
Monkfish Roe
Grilled Beef | Stewed Tofu 
Grilled Pork 
Kyoto Tower 
Walking back to the hotel was a cold one but with a view of the Kyoto Tower like this, I couldn't complain. Plus! When in Japan, how can I ever miss out on getting any dessert fixture for my sweet tooth? When we went to the convenient store (Lawson's) to grab a few large bottles of water, I just had to get an ice cream too. One of my friends told me to try Haagen-Dazs's new limited edition flavors : Mochi with Walnut and Mochi with Soy Bean Powder + Black Sugar. During the whole trip, I was not able to buy or see any at all! It was a total sale out every single time I tried to find it. Instead, I went for the usual ice cream with soy bean powder, some red beans, black sugar syrup and of course, topped with mochi .

Believe me, that ended quickly... 


  1. I've never been to Japan before, but ahhhh, that food looks amazing! <3!!!

    1. Definitely go when you have a chance! If you're a beauty junkie like myself, you'll feel like a kid in a candy store in their drugstores too! xxx


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