Friday, 22 May 2015

Kyoto | Kyo-Yuzen

Since the weather was nice, we took the bus with our IC cards with us and headed to Marumasu Nishimuraya. Kyoto is well known for Kyo-Yuzen, which is a technique of painting directly onto cloth. We made an early reservation at Marumasu- Nishimuraya before we headed to Kyoto. 

Using their traditional way of dying the colour onto the cloth. There are various types of products you can choose from to make your very own customized item, from a large place mat to a small pencil case or even a travelling up! I chose to do a small pouch since I can use it for various occasions. Friendly staff at the workshop will guide you through the procedures and there were so many stencils to choose! From traditional and seasonal flowers to leaves, architectural designs to a simple animal or a word of your choice. 

Large variety of stencils to choose from in files

To make the ombre effect, the quickest and easiest way was to pick the lightest base colour first and then gradually add on another darker colour, this also applies while you want to make a shading colour. They provide a few basic colours where you then mix the colours together while painting onto the cloth. Yellow, red, blue, pink, dark purple, light purple, brown, green, and black. 

I decided to do sakura and the autumn leaves. Giving that ombre effect does make it look a little more interesting with dimension. The best was, the owner of the shop was around to have a look at our work and guide us a little more with his expertise! 

My first ever sight, seeing my parents ever so concentrated like students doing their homework. 

Before leaving, the staff wrapped our customized goodies with instructions (in English) ensuring we knew what to do for the after care of our items. Off we went to lunch afterwards. 

Give it a try if you do travel to Kyoto!
Definitely a souvenir you will never see twice. 

What print would you choose to paint onto your cloth? 


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