Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Italian Market 2015 #madeinitalyfestival

In the beginning of June, I took my parents to the Italian Market to have a browse around and see what they had to offer this time. Thank you to my friend who gave me these tickets who works for Gusella. If you're interested in luxury Italian children's clothing please do check out Gusella (Click Here). In Hong Kong, there is a shop in Lee Gardens Two on the 2nd floor. Their clothing is so adorable, I secretly wished they had some adult sizes. 

This year, it was held in Cyberport's The Arcade. 
Our first impression was that it was a lot smaller than we expected, however, it's better than having none at all right? So on this glorious day, we went in to find ourselves surrounded by Italians supporting this event and authentic Italian food and products all around Hong Kong. 

Buonissimo Ltd in action
 Click HERE for more information 
You cant think of Italian food without pizza right? 

Whilst walking around the area itself, its hard not to go by Pizza Pala and not have one. Now, after having a quick spot of lunch at Cyberport, I couldn't resist trying. I opted for the Mushroom and Truffle oil since it was just freshly out the oven, that was the best choice for me at least! 

Grocery shopping, stocking up on some good old linguine!! I'm craving for some vongole linguine now.. Just thinking about it is mouth watering. Shame there weren't any of the large olives we were looking for. 

Some hand made jewellery pieces to choose from 
COFFEE! Italian Coffee !
Espresso anyone? 
Mia Madre and myself chilling outside with some Ducati vehicles under the sun

Ended up getting these goodies at the market. 

The Caffe Aloia box caught my attention since it is compatible with Nespresso Citiz, Pixie and Essence coffee models. Since we do have a Nespresso Citiz, and some good coffee lovers in the house, I'm gona give this a try soon to see if I would prefer this or the Nespresso own brands more.

Linguine!! Got to get me some pasta for nights in added with some vongole (clams) or even some  julienned vegetables, pancetta and a little chilli flake for that kick. 

We were alsogiven some Ferrero Rocher which I practically gobbled up within seconds and some miniature bottles of olive oil. Looks like this Sunday could be a pasta night in with a nice glass of red. 



  1. Wow, this Italian festival looks so great! I'm obsessed with Italy - especially Italian food. The photos you took of the pizza are making me soooo hungry! Love it!

    1. Thank you for your comment. There's nothing better than food itself that brings everyone together. I think that's why Italian food is like (: on top of that, everything is delicious ! xxx


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