Friday, 5 June 2015

Kyoto | Arashiyama

In Arashiyama, it's famously known for one of the would heritage sites : Tenryuji Temple. 


After touring a little of the house itself, we walked back to the famous Togetsukyo Bridge and we had lunch at Togetsutei. They also have a hotel/ hot spring spa too. The viewing of the cherry blossoms and autumn leaves and even the winter snow would have been fantastic if you decided to stay at the hotel for a relaxation break.

I highly recommend coming to Togetsutei (the one we went to is known as Cafe Maple from it's name) for lunch or even dinner! You would think one can never be full from tofu but during the whole trip, you'd be surprised how much it can fill you up! 

This restaurant only seats up to 50 customers at a time. So make sure you make a reservation! 

A great view over the Kasura River during lunch

Togetsukyo Bridge

We headed back to the Tenryuji Temple and walked around the gardens after lunch.
Then we walked to the famous Bamboo Grove. 

I couldn't stop admiring this old man who painted this!! If you could have seen the painting like I had, I don't think I've seen one so similar and style like Hayano Miyazaki's animations. The vibrate green of the bamboo, warmth of the colours and peacefulness without a single person, even though when we went pass this famous bamboo grove 

After walking through the Bamboo Grove, we went on and took the Sagano Scenic Railway (Sagano Torokko)  or even known as the Sagano Romantic Train for most. As charming as it is, this train doesn't operate during the winter seasons. However, if the blossoms have bloomed or even the autumn leave! It would have been an experience to take for life. 

After the train ride and on the way back to the main streets of Arashiyama, I couldn't resist having a Sakura Mochi. I had originally saw a poster from this traditional sweet shop which sold strawberry mochi but they were all sold out! So I opted for the Salted Sakura Mochi which I love just as much. 

FRESH Yuba! 
They even have yuba ice cream as I recall


  1. Kyoto always be the place I really want to go. Actually, I would love to go to Japan! :D

    1. I actually prefer it to Tokyo after travelling around in Kyoto now! But still!! go to both places to experience the culture (: Go if you do have the chance <3 xxx


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