Saturday, 13 June 2015

Kyoto | Green Tea (Uji)

When in Kyoto, you've got to go and try their green tea. Especially from Uji too! Taking the train which takes you directly to Nara, you will be able to stop by Uji, which is a small town between Kyoto and Nara. Full of historical and cultural information and most of all famously known for their tea. I love a good cup of coffee just much as a good cuppa tea. 

We went into the Byodo-in Temple (Phoenix Hall) and toured around the gardens and the museum itself, Treasure House, inside stores the original interior statues and decorations mostly underground. 

After being at the Phoenix Hall, we headed wanted to head to the famous Uji Bridge by Uji River, however, it was under construction at the time so it was a shame I wasn't able to take any photos. There's always a next time. Though! having said that, I think this cat (photo above) hasn't moved an inch when we walked to and from the bridge back to the main street of teas. 

Tea Ceremony Lesson 

After that we headed straight to Tokichi (Nakamura Tokichi Hoten [main store]) for lunch. We had to wait for around... an hour and a half for our turn to have lunch. Even though it was such a long wait, it was well worth the time too! Everything is green tea based. Green tea soba noodles, desserts, tea, sprinkles on the rice too! It really was heaven with just all green tea!! 

They didn't have many seats indoors nor did they outdoors either, so the wait was on! Even though there was a massive queue and others waiting just for the same green tea delight. 

Green Tea Soba with Aburaage 
Green Tea soup with Red bean Dessert 
Ice cream with mochi 
Traditional Matcha 
Sponge Cake 
A post box shaped in a green tea pot! 

Waiting for the train and heading back to Kyoto

Took the bus down to the main street area to find some food for our tummies. 

It started to rain after we got onto the bus, thankfully, we came prepared and had our brollies with us!! We didn't plan on where to have dinner this night and then we stumbled upon this restaurant called Japanese Table Michikusa Genge.

Oolong Tea | Asahi Beer | Kyoto Plum Wine

Just like fondue! Instead, with soymilk and vegetables! 

A little like hot pot with chicken with loads of vegetables. 

Steamed Tofu 

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