Monday, 6 July 2015

Beef & Liberty : New Burger Preview

If you're been to Beef & Liberty, you know your burgers well in Hong Kong. 

I was invited by the lovely food enthusiast, food blogger, the gorgeous Food Bible HK to join her to try this new delight at the restaurant. Check out her lovely blog if you can! I'm obsessed with it (CLICK HERE to the BLOG) !

 I've been to Beef & Liberty before and the sweet potato fries are a must for me every time! As well as the Warm Skillet Cookie & Cream for us sweet tooth. Add that with a spiked milkshake, they've got it all covered. If you like a sweet shake in general and love a good creamy Bailey's, try their Colombian Scream. 

Semi Open Kitchen Style
Food Bible HK in action ! 

Burger & Beer.
What's not to love about it? 

The star of the night

BBQ Pulled Pork Burger 
If you love pulled pork and you love burger, I think you've just hit the jackpot.

Within the lovely toasted bun, you get a mouthful of Tasmanian Grass-Fed Hormone-Free Beef, perfect as (for me especially because I am a cancer patient, it's good to know where the produce is from!) the base for all their burgers. Topped with the star of the dish, Braised Pulled Pork and a good dollop of Smokey BBQ Sauce. Finished off with a good amount of Green Apple Slaw, crunchy and the hint of the apple's acidity brings out the sweetness of the Smokey BBQ Sauce.

Tender, juicy, sweet, smokey and savory.
They've got it all down into one amazing burger. 

Even my hair wanted a bite of the burger
Total Demolish 


  1. I love burgers so much I used to work in a burger shop. You've given me real serious cravings!

    1. Thank you for stopping by too! I've recently found a recipe from another blogger (Strum Simmer Sip) making a kimchi burger. I can't wait to try making it when I have time. Check it out if you have time too! xxx

  2. looks like an awesome place! xx, kenz

    1. have a try if you ever have the chance! Or I would make my own during a good summer BBQ ! xxx

  3. When I get to travel to H.K. This will certainly be on my list! Looks so delicious. Thank you for the share!

    1. If you have the chance please do!! x


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