Monday, 17 August 2015

OOTD : Flying Attire

Cotton On V Neck Tee | Zara Demin Shirt | H&M Trousers | Topshop Shoes 

Comfort is always the key.
 I like to recycle till my clothings are to the point where they've definitely had their fair share of wear. Some things old but still fashionable and comfortable.
Especially when you're stuck on a long haul flight. 


  1. So true!!! I don't get people who dress all up for a flight, with full face of makeup and even heels.... I just don't understand how they can make it! But you have the same "flying style" as me, comfy yet cute! =)

    Rosie's Life

    1. Sometimes it's style over comfort for some, but for me, I get really conscious on the hygiene and germs that go around the plane, so makeup is a no go until a good shower!!! X


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