Monday, 10 August 2015

Review : Maybelline | Rebel Bouquet

One thing I love about Maybelline lipsticks, they always have colours for everyone. Packaging is always clean and simple, however, I wished they left some of the design of "Rebel" with the floral print on! 10 shades available in Hong Kong and I ended up with the four I know I would wear the most. Part of the Color Sensational new range since my last favorite of their  Bold-Matte collection, in the states, the same range is known as Rebel Bloom. 

Yet again! It's been numbered without names. 

At a price of HK$89 each, you can't ask for a better drugstore product either! 

Even though the finish does give your lips the plump and pouty look, I can't stress enough that if you do have dry lips, make sure you moisturise before applying the lip stick. It can look slightly patchy if you do have dry lips. The formulation is creamy and soft but the texture do differ depending on the colour, personally, I would use a nude liner to prevent the colour from bleeding. Don't expect much for longevity wear either but it does leave a little bit of a stain. There is a slight stickiness feeling after the product sets a little. 

My favorite by far is REB06, a very natural nude, great for an everyday look. 

What's your Rebel experience? 


  1. such bright gorgeous colors!! love it!!

    Oreleona | Pristine's Bliss

    1. Thank you for stopping by! There's a colour for everyone for this summer !! Xxx


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