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Work Out with Evian Brumisateur® Facial Spray

When you hear the word Evian, you'd instinctively think of their bottled water, from the glacial mountains in the alps of France. The little miracle story of how The Marquis de Lessert had drank the water from a spring in Evian, and had helped him with his kidney problems after sampling the water. Ever since, the spread of word began and with the approval from specialists back then, the miraculous water has then began it's fascinating journey to present day. 

Most of us would love a good work out under the sun (or not) and envying most of those who live in Los Angles, Australia or even tropical islands where you have the sun day in and day out. For us beauty lovers, this luxurious facial spray by Evian® can lift our makeup, make us feel refreshed after a spritz or two. Keeping our faces moisturised during a plane ride or even for my friends who work in an office, love a good facial spray to keep their face hydrated under the constant drying air-con.

With unique mineral balance and neutral pH makes it perfect for all skin types instantly absorbing the millions of ultra fine micro-droplets. Getting into a bit of science, 80% of air we breath is nitrogen, Evian® has produced a natural nitrogen which is safe to propel the water droplets and not harming the ozone layer all at the same time. The packaging is great with a bit of a curve design at the top for a better grip. The canister is recyclable too, feel less guilty after throwing it out. 

Few Fitness Ideas with
Evian Brumisateur® Facial Spray :

Before doing any sports or activities outdoors, spray yourself allover with Evian Brumisateur® before applying any sunscreen, instant cooling before going into the heat and spray again after lotion application, because sometimes the SPF products can feel sticky. Give it good shake and spray all over for that cooling effect on the spot.  

I've been to a few boat trips already this summer, and even been laying by the pool over the weekends to gradually add on my tan. Since it is a quick absorbent water, I use it before sunscreen for an instant hydration before applying. A medium to large bottle would be great to remove the salty water and wash off a little of the chlorine from being in the pool. Especially our hair girls! Unless you want to opt for the dreadlocks look after being in the salt water. Moreover, being in the sun prior to applying soothing aloe gel, spray some on again to cool off the slightly burnt skin. 

It's great that you can use this Evian® facial spray for any parts of the body (Not recommended for drinking). It is one of the quickest way to cool down body temperature too. Many years ago when I was still studying in England, I had the chance to do a two day climb Snowdonia Mountain in Wales. One of the best trips I decided to go during my first few years of boarding school. I don't have a photo since it was years ago but thankfully to good memory, I did actually brought a medium bottle back then. It came in handy when I wanted to quickly wash my hands before eating when we made a pit stop and after freshening my face. Takes a little while to gather the water in one hand, have a friend to spray it into your palms. 

It also helps relief dry skin too if you're at a higher altitude than usual. 

It's hot, you're sweating, and been under the sun or even just at the treadmill.
Instant cool down is the only thing one can think of and a good spray on the face and top body is soothing and quite rewarding all at the same time.

I went running during university years with a friend of mine by the beach for training, and there was this zig zaggy styled route on the way. We decided to run a little quicker to test our limits up and down the zig zag route once. Its harder to run down hill than up, tired with weak knees and ankles, I tripped at the last leg (embarrassing story... but I'm telling you the truth. My friend still laughs about it till now and now you know). Thankfully, my friend has a bag back with him and some essentials just in case. Long story short, I tripped, I scrapped my knee and the Evian® spray came to the rescue to wash my wound. Something better than none. So it's turned into a bit of a first aid use instead of just a facial spray. 

Recently, I've been to an outdoors yoga session with some friends. Apart from spraying on our faces and shoulders to cool down. It came in handy to wipe the bottom side of the yoga mat with a tissue because we've been working out on grass and soil. Spray some on the tissue and wipe it clean before I rolled the mat back into a tube form, saves me from bring soil and grass home. Since we were outdoors too, sweating off in the heat. The Evian Brumisateur® facial spray came in handy to wash my face too. Any one has the OCD like me and gets creeped out at public bathrooms. I literally sprayed the water onto my face for a little longer till I had the water dripping effect, cooling down all at the same time, I ended up feeling like I just washed my face. Who doesn't love a radiant glow? 

Running is one thing but after you've worked the hardest at the gym like I have. From being on your feet so much and you don't want to take a shower till you're home. I tend to have a bottle of Evian® facial spray in the locker not only to cool my face and top half of my body when I change but also my feet. TMI for some but it helps. I know most of you love to change into flip flops after a good work out and a good spray of on the feet actually gives an immediate cooling relief and helps me from swelling too much. Give it a try and let me know. 

For you gym bunnies who love to look your best even for your hair style too. Instead of using gel or hairspray, try using a facial spray into your hair, smooth it with a comb and you'll still get that sporty, sleek and chic look without all the fly-aways and baby hairs sticking out. Best thing is it doesn't clog your pores up.

Apart from all the above, it's definitely great for a sports day for kids! 
Cooling, Cleaning and Comforting. 
All in one bottle! 
Great for mothers, great for you. 

For All Skin Types
Preservative- Free, Parabens Free, Sulfates Free, Phthalates Free & Hypoallergenic 

A little give away opportunity !

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Prices varies in different countries

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