Thursday, 10 September 2015

La Casa Gelato : Vancouver

When in Vancouver, I've been told to come to La Casa Gelato to try over 218 ice cream flavors to choose on site and over 518 flavors in total which have been tasted and sold. That's alot of flavors to come up with and, there are a few you'd never even imagined for it to exist in the flavor of gelato. 

I couldn't resist not dedicating this one post to just gelato and sorbet. You are allowed to try all the flavors you want and personally... the weirdest ones I wouldn't even dare to try. There's definitely the element of surprise there and something for everyone! 

Purchase for a scoop or two and they will give you a chip then you can go try all the flavors out! From the classics and fruity ones to cocktail flavors, there are also quite the few unique ones you'd never thought of even having it in a gelato... 

The weirdest one I've tried was definitely Chanterelle Mushroom, it felt like a frozen mushroom soup with masses of sugar with it. Balsamic Vinegar was an interesting one but not to everyone's liking even if it's sweet.  I even managed to try Wasabi and Apple Wasabi, not what I expected either but it was one of those which was much sweeter than you'd anticipated. There were a few which I wouldn't even dare to ask for were: Peanut Butter Curry, Garlic, Asparagus, Pear and Gorgonzola, Tuna....
Maple Bacon is pretty popular with the locals! 

Definitely ask to try before you make your final decision!! 
OH! Get a waffle cone too if you can, I was way too full from dinner so a cup with two scoops was more than enough for me. 

Boring old me, I just went for the classic Rocky Road and Coffee Crisp. Wasn't brave enough to try the funky flavors but a chocolate, marshmallow and coffee with a crunch was delectable. 

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