Monday, 7 September 2015

Touring Vancouver

Second day in Vancouver was an interesting one. I've never gone to so many tourist destinations within a day like this one! Starting off with the outfit first:

Cotton On Tee | Zara Leggings | Aigle Raincoat | Topshop Shoes 

First stop. Granville Island. 

Fish and Chips on the Left | The Market
Beer Flight
Since Dockside does have a brewery, it was a great to have a flight of 6 craft house beers to share and try! Out of all six of them, I've got to say my favorite has got to be the 'Pelican Bay Brown'. Which is a deep amber ale with chocolate malt and willamette hops. If you're not a fan of dark beer or stout, give chocolate beer a go, it might change your mind. 

Crab Cakes

If you have a chance to see these from the other side of the river, I would totally recommend them!! They also have a few decorated cement truck too! I got to say, the cutest one has got to be the strawberry one. Have a look out for it! 

Can't miss out on the Public Market! So much fresh food to buy and try all at the same time. 

Black Cherries in season 
After a little tour around Granville Island, we headed up to Stanley Park to view the Lion Gate Bridge and the famous Hollow Tree. It was definitely a nice day to sit out in the sun for a cuppa coffee before driving through Stanley Park itself. 

The famous Hollow Tree of Stanley Park 
Popular with wedding photos, tourists all over the world and even an elephant. Yes, an elephant walked all the way an even got it's photo taken. 

2010 Winter Olympic logo (Inukshuk)

After a quick tour around Stanley park and a few photos, we headed up to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It was quite the walk through the bridge, I felt really sick after a few kids were jumping up and down the bridge as it shook and moved. I ended up struggling to walk up the rest of the Treetops Adventure. If it wasn't for those kids... it was a pretty nice walk around exploring around! 

I don't have the fear of heights but after walking through this bridge, I had the fear of seeing those kids again. 

From tree to tree, I couldn't believe we were more than 110 feet above the forest floor... It's a good challenge if you have arcophobia, I personally don't however, just hope there are no kids jumping up and down vigorously.  

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