Monday, 12 October 2015

Quick, Hot & Weird Kina Day

It was a bit of a weird one to Vancouver Island, my first ever local tour ever; now I understand why I have friends who either love or hate following a tour when travelling. 
Okay, so the meeting point was in China Town and then picking other people up along the way from other destinations. Hopped into a coach and on board to the ferry heading towards Victoria which took about 90 mins. 

Leaving the port

First attraction set was the area around British Columbia Parliament Building. Since we were given a set time to be back at the coach, I've only managed to take a few photos along the way. Then we stopped by the famous "Mile '0'" of Terry Fox. It was literally, off the coach for 10 minutes and on again heading to our next destination, The Butchart Gardens. It was one of the hottest days in Vancouver, just a little over 30 Degrees Celsius. The coach we were on didn't have proper air cooling system so many of us ended up falling asleep due to the lack of air circulation. It was so hot even ice cream melted the moment it leaves the freezer. I was definitely glad to have stopped for an ice-tea before we had to get back to the coach for a long journey back. 

Spotting animals along the way

Got back onto the coach and headed back to Vancouver on the BC ferries. 

Yup, that man in pink was the hipster with all the high-tech and cigar in mouth nodding along the beat. 

Took the Sky Train back to the Waterfront and walked back to the hotel. 

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