Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Hubbard Glacier

The stay at Hubbard Glacier was very short but a sweet one. After entering Yakutat Bay and arriving at the site around 8am. Depending on the weather and ice pack, the captain decided how long we were staying around the area to take photos and view at the glorious glacier. Don't want another Titanic ice burg incident right? 

Doesn't seem like there's much to see apart from the ice all around, however, if you were there with me, you would have heard the sound of ice crackling and falling. With eagle eyes, you might even be able to see ice falling after hearing thunder like sounds. Got all my warm gear out, with my neon green/ yellow beanie on and out I went to take photos! 

The cruise ship came to a stop and turned 360 a few times so everyone could have a view of the glacier. 

After sailing off again, one last day at sea to the last stop where we get off!

Now for a hot cuppa tea after being out in the cold!!

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