Friday, 13 November 2015

Icy Strait Point | Bear Search & Whale Watching

What a view to get up to right?

So for an excursion event, went bear searching. It was just our luck that the whole trip that the wear is surprisingly warm for the Alaskans. Since the weather was so warm, all the bears practically were still asleep in the heat. 

Even with all these salmon around, no bear came... 

Forgot the name of these leaves but apparently they're great natural resources for curing flu and colds after boiling them and drink like tea. 

Quick hot chocolate and a giant cookie, and off we went to do some whale watching. 

A little family of three

The ONLY bear I spotted 

For some odd reason, this bear reminded me of Yogi bear, just missing that cuteness though. 

Would you try this? 
Crabby Bloody Mary. 
The cocktail itself sounds great, not too sure about the crabby bit!

This is also the Crab Station, if you have the chance and come by Icy Strait Point too, we've been told it's a MUST come visit for their crabs here.

That was already a day and off we went back to the cruise for dinner. 

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