Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Olympic | Chef's Table Dinner

A relaxing afternoon over looking the sunset and reading the last few chapters of "The Silkworm" by Robert Galbraith. After reading the first book "Cuckoo's Calling", it was a series I can't seem to put down. If you've read it too please let me know your thoughts! I've really been enjoying the mystery and crime stories by the author and now, I'm about to read the new one called "Career of Evil". 

The Chef's Table Dinner at The Olympic on the Celebrity Millennium will have to be booked in advance due to the limited space. Since we were a party of 7, we were able to reserved a table ourselves and enjoyed the night away with the Food and Beverage Director on board. This is a dinner which you will have to pay extra, however, if you do have a special occasion, for dinner, I do recommend trying certain ones such as this. 

First, with the flow of Rose Champagne while a staff opened the bottle with a knife like the old times. Yup, the whole top just came off and while that was happening, we enjoyed some canapes. 

A tour of the kitchen with the head chef on board too! Brings back memories working in a kitchen. 

Lemon Poached Lobster Medallion
with Caviar Chive Sour Cream Sauce
Venison Tartar
with Tarragon Sauce and Blackberries 
This was an interesting on for me, I've never really been a massive fan of Beef Tartar to start off with but I think it's changed my mind since this dish. Thinking that it would be very gamey like when it's cooked, however, it gave off a sweeter taste instead and slightly more chewy than beef. 

Fruits de Mer in Nori
Served on Sweet Soy Beurre Blanc

The chef cooking the Cioppino for us

Rustic Seafood Stew
Green Apple Sorbet and Calvados
Black Angus Filet Steak
Grilled Polenta, Green Asparagus, Creamy Mushroom Sauce
To end the evening with this dessert. 

Chocolate Dome Surprise
Coffee Creme Brulee with Raspberry Sauce
It was definitely a very enjoyable evening with plenty of wine flow. Portion size was definitely something to look into for this event. Even the Food and Beverage Director struggled to finish his plate. 

Ending the evening with a glass of port and food belly. 

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