Saturday, 21 November 2015

Skagway | White Pass & Klondike

For the last excursion before being at sea for a full day again, we opted for the White Pass and Yukon Route. So basically, we went from being in America then entering Canada and then back in America within a three and a half hour tour. 

Plenty of graffiti going on here, from Captains' retirement to Disney and special occasions for cruises.

On the bus with our tour guide Thomas who was the loveliest guy ever, just a fresh college grad and working to help the out with the family income. His mom owns the Lemon Rose Bakery, go check it out in town if you decide to go have a browse around. 

Lemon Rose Bakery
Corner of 5th Avenue and State Street
Skagway, Alaska 

A bus ride to the top through Canada and over back to America again. Then we took the train back to Skagway. 

If it was snowing, I would have definitely feet like I was on the Polar Express! Now, just missing some slay bells and a hot cuppa cocoa maybe even with a choc chip cookie too. 

Peaceful and calm. Wouldn't have imagined people would travel all the way just for gold in Klondike region of Yukon in the North-Western Canada in the late 1800s. Hiking across these various mountains for gold to feed their families. 

The bridge which was in use in the olden days but for safety reasons, obviously not in use but still on display for us tourist. 

The quickest and smallest waterfall 

I love how this is actually called the Inspiration Point.
Just don't look down... 

Stopped twice on the way and even picked up a few hikers on the way too! There are guided tours for hiking, so if you're interested, have a look into it! 

Even the port was calling my name. 
Time to head back to the ship and sail away to Hubbard Glacier! 

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