Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Calligraphy x Pierre Herme

Earlier this month, I came across this calligraphy class by Kalo Make Art. Up at a little studio on Wyndham Street, she holds classes for beginners like myself! When you walk in, if you love to take photos, you'd feel like you've walked into Instagram or even a Pinterest vibe decor room filled with art, books, and all calligraphy related artsy tools. 

It was a rainy day which made the room very cool and comforting. 
A class holds up about 10 students at a time. So don't wait and just sign up!

Even though Kalo is a self taught calligrapher, she also takes classes around the would with Master Calligraphers to improve her skills too! There's always room for improvement as I've always been taught. 

I was very interested in this class not only because it was a pen calligraphy but it was also a collaboration with Pierre Herme. 

Basic Calligraphy kit Kalo has personally put together for us with some writing paper too.

Kalo herself in action! 
After a good introduction of pen calligraphy itself and doing some writing practices with the rest of the students, Kalo made a demonstration of ideas and suggestions which could be done with the Pierre Herme gift box. 

This is the design on the gift box after picking the macrons. 

Thank you Kalo for the lovely class! 

If you are in Hong Kong and would like to purchase calligraphy tools, do contact Kalo for the supplies! I'm not paid to say this but she does recommend you go up to the studio to try the tools before even buying them! Always a plus point when you hear that! 

Food is always a great gift at any season especially with personal touch & design. 
Any last minute shoppers? 

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