Monday, 18 January 2016

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The ultimate place to have a sporting event, by that means, eating and watching a game with an endless flow of drinks. Even with bar tabs on the table to pour your own pint too. Can't get any better than that on a night out watching a game with some mates. 

Well! As for us, broad day light. Don't think we'll be doing that just yet even though we were very tempted...! 

Nachos and Buffalo Wings is something that we never miss out on when we are in America either. 
Add that with the famous peach ice tea of Atlanta! #yummyinmytummy


I had the EL SANTO with sweet potato fries.
When in the states, I do love having some good old sweet potato fries. It's something I have to have at least one of the meals during the trip!! 

Don't think we were smashing or kicking anything at the end of the meal but belly full instead. 

Booking to watch the Super Bowls next time?! 

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