Thursday, 21 January 2016

The American Civil Rights | Global Human Rights

Right opposite to the Coca Cola Factory is the new Centre of Civil & Human Rights. 
Completely new along with the Hall of Fame for College Football. I've already written a short post about it, go check it out if you want (click here)

The centre holds 3 major galleries for American Civil Rights Movement, The Global Human Rights Movement and last but not least, The Morehouse College Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection. 

Funny how peace is always spoken out loud but actions can only be taken slowly. 

Personally, it is a place to visit yourself to understand fully of it's content and here, I share just a few photos and moments during the tour. 

All you need to know

After visiting the Center of Civil and Human Rights, we went on a drive to the area which Martin Luther King, Jr. grew up in Atlanta too. There is also a National Historic Site dedicated to Dr. King.

I'm not paid to say this but if you do visit Atlanta Down Town, definitely consider the Atlanta CityPASS for touring around the top 5 attractions. 

National Center for Civil and Human Rights
100 Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30313

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