Monday, 15 February 2016

Road Trip | Savannah

Out and about and off we went to Savannah. Thanking my uncle who did the whole driving through out the trip too! This was my first visit to Savannah, I do keep wondering sometimes to myself, what if, just what if. When I was applying for universities back in England and have I enrolled to Savannah College of Art and Design? I do wonder that sometimes. Then again, I wouldn't have had the privilege in doing what I did back in London. 

Everything happens for a reason. I'm one to truly believe in that. 

Dropped by Zaxby's for a quick spot of lunch!
Grilled Chicken Salad with an unsweetened ice tea.

Is it just me or the sugary drinks get sweeter each year...? Maybe the older I am too, the more I lean towards savory foods. 

Urban Outfitters Dress | Matthew Williamson Sunnies 
Goofing around with my dad as always.

Gorgeous day to arrive! Went over the the home owners to pick up the keys.

My aunt had dearly booked us to this lovely house by the Southern Belle Vacation Rentals.
(I'm not sponsored to mention about them)

Basically, it's like a home away from home. You can bring as much and many things you need from home and live there till you leave. We rented out this gorgeous historical house on Whitfield Square (Click Here). I completely forgot to take photos of the interior so all I can offer is the website which I've linked.

After driving around, it's easy enough to understand how Savannah was built. Based upon the main squares with their own unique decoration, it was then easier to recognize the area. With many 'One-Way' only roads, no wonder I felt like I was going in circles. 

Yes... I'm the type of girl who will get lost but still find her way somehow.. 'somehow' and eventually. 

One of the only captures I managed to take within the house was this...
Morning cuppa coffee, pool table with the lovely sun beaming outside ready for us to go out and explore.


My bed for the next couple of nights. 
Sweet dreams for now. 


  1. Georgia sounds really interesting! I have this commitment every year to visit at least two U.S states I've never been :P

    P.S: Join my pre-Spring giveaway and win a pair of sunglasses of your choice.

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. You should definitely go!! I love a good road trip too! Slightly more expensive in America but it's worth it when you're in good company (:

  2. We love road tripping to Savannah! It's not too far from where we live in Atlanta, and my husband and I really enjoy making that drive to get out of the city for a bit.

    All the Best,
    Allison |

    1. I loved it there!!! Will definitely return when I do visit Atlanta again (:


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