Thursday, 18 February 2016

Savannah | SCAD Museum of Art

Starting another with an outfit of the day!
Topshop Top | Zara Trousers | Marc by Marc Jacobs Cardigan | Nike Shoes 
And of course my handy dandy Nikon DF Camera.

So when we got to Savannah, it was HOT.
Glorious day to say the least! We went to Savannah's famous College of Art and Design for a little wonder at their Museum of Art before they closed. 

If you didn't know, many of Vivienne Westwood pieces are exhibited at SCAD and they are spectacular and breath taking. You know a designer when you see their designs. 

The other interesting exhibition was this "i feel ya" by performer Andre 3000 Benjamin with SCAD. 
In some way or another, you feel that the plain black jumpsuit with basic white words speaks to you with some of the thoughts you do think daily. 

As colourful as it seems. This installation by Beijing-based sculptor Li Hongbo had created a marvelous perception of "Irons for the Ages, Flowers for the Day". Turning this gallery from the ideas of war and weapons into this vibrant and delicate abstract formed floral patterns. Little did you know, the shape of the paper structures fold back into the shape of guns, grenades and even bullets. 

After leaving the Museum of Art, now off to stock up some essentials at the house for a nice chilled evening. So I guess I know where I get my drinking side from! One of my new favorites have been Angry Orchard Ciders. 

Yea... Enough POP-tarts to choose from that's for sure..... 
I remember having these for breakfast or even snacks when I was a kid. I don't have a clue how I had survived on this sugar concentrated food. 

A little bit of a board game and cheeky dollar from winning with a cider or two.
It was time to call it a night. 

SCAD Museum of Art
601 Turner Boulevard
Savannah, Georgia 

There is an admission fee, check their website (here) for updates. 

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