Friday, 18 March 2016

5 Seasons Brewing & Hop City

Fancy having another beer ??
Got another place for you to check out for craft beers and food. 
Beer central coming out your way!! 

Don't think you need the fire hydrant other than calming your taste buds down from some hot spicy wings with some cooling tab beer. If you don't want beer, there're plenty of spirits and wines to choose from! 

Instead of opting for a full pint, I ended up going for a flight of beer to try different types of beer available. 

From Top to Bottom:
Venus Belgian White Ale 
Golden Ale 
Grant's Tomb Belgian Red Rye 
Elmers Gluten Free
Watermelon Wheat
Molasses Porter

If you're into your beers, Venus Belgian White Ale is pretty similar to Blue Moon. The weirdest one was definitely the Watermelon Wheat, wasn't too sure what to make of it. Basically, it was just odd and not as refreshing as it clams to be. I'm not a big fan of I.P.A beers, so I didn't choose any of it. Saving the best for the last as always, if you like your chocolate beer and a good stout, Molasses Porter would be your winner. 

Cheers my dears!

Hand-cut Sweet Potato Fries with Cocoa Chili ($5)
Vine Ripe Tomatoes and Basil Fontina, Parmesan, white Chedder Cheese Pizza ($15)
Granny Serrano Pizza ($15) 
Fresh Fish of the Day
Chilled Edamame Soy Beans with Smoked Sea Salt ($5)
Crispy Calamari and Red Onions Lemongrass Chili Dipping Sauce ($10)
Georgia All Natural Chicken Wings [6] ($7) 
Expensive Mushroom under a Brick ($6)

Just next door to 5 Seasons Westside Restaurant and Brewery, is the Hop City Craft Beer and Wine. You can buy your own ingredients and make your own brew at home. Just need to know your recipe though. 

Enough Craft Beer to try that's for sure. 



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