Thursday, 14 April 2016

9-6 in Yoga Gear

I am all about being comfortable especially when I travel but what about work? Trying to pull off gym clothes to work use to be a challenge, now, it's evolved into a very fashion forward piece in our wardrobes. These past few years, leggings or yoga pants have been more forgiving to wear for those in the 9-6 jobs. Don't have to linger for the long awaited Casual Friday's anymore.

Inspired by Betabrand, using their yoga pants (looking like trousers because of the design with the front faux button and pockets), I've put together two outfits for a Spring fashion inspiration. Trying to stay away from the typical black to change things up. Check out their Tuxedo Yoga Pants (Click Here)!

Photo via Betabrand
Leggings | Navy Dress Yoga Pants 

Pull it off ! 

1. Playing with Layers
Just because it's spring and summer doesn't mean you can't layer things up just as much as the colder months. Go light and flowy when choosing the material and texture of your pieces. I would also wear a slightly longer top to hide the fact that I'm wearing leggings or yoga pants. 

2. Material, Texture and Cut
If in doubt, black is the obvious colour to go for, just make sure the fabric isn't sheer to keep it sophisticated, that's why layering helps! Make sure you don't opt for the typical shiny polyester material or it will be more than obvious it's gym gear. Betabrand offers women's pants in trousers form from the classic straight legged to high-waisted and even tapered to ensure it's office friendly.

3. Details
Don't be afraid to bring colour back by accessorizing (even when I love an All Black outfit) with statement necklace or earrings. It can instantly take your eyes away from the plain yoga pants, even a loud printed top can do the same. 

Two Outfits which I've worn for meetings.
My Current Favorites : Work Essentials 

Antropology Top | Zara Leggings | Jipi Japa Shoes 


Here, I've chosen a boot-cut silver dress yoga pants to pair with the items below. 

Photo via Betabrand
Boot-Cut | Silver Dress Yoga Pants

A 15 minute break of meditation without even needing to change in the comfort of modern yoga pants and leggings. 

Check out Betabrand (HERE). I've been having a look at their Travel Collection 
Cozy without sacrificing style.

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