Thursday, 21 April 2016

Hyde and Lombard

First night down in San Francisco and it was time for breakfast. We had breakfast at the hotel and I couldn't resist myself for a Pancake French Toast after seeing someone else having it too and then off we went. It was a little overcast this morning but slightly warm. 

Two things I was told to do on a good day was to take the cable car and see Lombard Street. Starting off at the Powell-Hyde Cable Car Turntable which is still manually functioned by the operators to this day. 

I was lucky enough to stand next to the operator in charge of the breaks, was able to take some great photos on the way. Best views they say is to sit on the right side of the cable car (if you're leaving from Fisherman's Wharf, facing eastern side of the Powell cars). 

Since it's not like most cable cars or trams, you are expected to hold on tight to your belongings (so hang on tight), pretty wide open. If you did drop your things, do hope it's still there when you return, the tram won't just stop unless you're getting off. I would highly recommend wearing a light weight jacket or cardigan even though it's the summer seasons. Pretty breezy as the cable car picked up it's pace, especially as we turn a corner and down the hill we went. Would not suggest standing where I was with the operator unless you're taking photos like I was. There is this heavy burning smell from clutch when changing gears and braking. 

Dare to Stand?
Since we didn't feel like shopping, after getting off at the end of the line at Market Street by Union Square, we hopped straight on to the next one back to Fisherman's Wharf direction and got off at the tops of Lombard Street. 

The famous crooked street is a place to visit. 

It was very useful when you see the name of the street marked at each ends of the street itself. You don't have to go looking around for a sign post like most cities. 

Even though it was packed with tourists and cars down the street, somehow, with all the flowers and greenery, it made me feel at ease. I can also imagine those living there wouldn't want to get out of the house with of the people and traffic!

San Francisco is a very hilly place to walk around! Even I struggled walking down the hill in trainers!


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