Monday, 25 April 2016

San Francisco City Tour & Bay Cruise

Since we didn't rent a car this trip, got ourselves three tickets ($81 each) for about a 5 hour tour to go see San Francisco with Greyline. Luckily, our bus driver, as well as our tour guide had a good sense of humor, otherwise I think I would have slept the whole way through during the tour itself!

Hopefully you're lucky to a good tour guide like we did! A short tour like this is always a great idea to start with when you're not sure which tourist attraction you'd want to start first. It gives you an overall idea what there is to offer within the city.

A quick introduction from our tour guide himself and the history of San Francisco, then it begins. Going pass a few destinations like the church where the famous photo Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio had taken. It was interesting when our tour guide started to mention about the Oakland Army Base. Little did I noticed, by the time the Golden Gate Bridge was in sight, cameras and phones were all out on one side of the tour bus. 

The Teddies have taken over

There is only ONE WAY, that's ON WARDS.

Sutro Baths and the Pacific Ocean 

Once the place to be for a bath and it's architectural design . If you do visit the Sutro Baths, our tour guide recommended us to have a coffee or even chai latte. He was right! The little cafe inside the shop for a cuppa was not bad at all!

The main attractions to the Golden Gate and Bay Cruise as well as Land's End done. 
Back into the town area see what else there was to offer. 

San Francisco City Hall 

We also went pass Little Italy.  

At the end of the tour, we had the choice to either head back to where we got onto the bus or here at Pier 39. Time was just at our side, it was time to go and see what kind of delicious food we can find next. Wasn't expecting to stop by here at the end of the tour so didn't do much research about it. 

Wait for the next blog post to see where we ended up to have food. 

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