Thursday, 5 May 2016

April Favorites

Can't believe April just came and gone by so quickly! Where has the year gone?! I say this every time but the days just fly by even quicker as each year passes. Let alone each day.

Any one who's been following me on instagram (click here) would know that I've been using the Natasha Denona Eye Shadow Palette 28 in Purple Blue for the whole of April. Just look how gorgeous the colours are! Even though some will say it's a bit of a controversy to get this because of it's price tag, but I don't think I will be getting other eye shadow palettes for a while. I might get Charlotte Tilbury's eye shadow quads since I have never tried them before. This is one of the most buttery and pigmented eye shadows I have come across. The only colours I have yet to use to it's extend are the lightest four blues. The only one down point is that there aren't many matte shade but there's nothing a Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture palette can't do. 

I've been using the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops for a little while and I did struggle to use it till now (my shade is N30). How I struggled? I've been trying to use it with what I already have on hand, BB Creams, Primers and even other sheer foundations. It just didn't sit well on my skin after mixing them other other products.The only way I can get it to not look like I have a cake face or the product sink into my pours is with a few drops of face oil. I love how only a drop's difference can change the coverage. Perfect for those (like myself) who loves to go from a sheer like tinted moisturizer during the day and a total high coverage for an evening out. 

Couldn't find the exact pair of these from Topshop's website however, I would choose to get these ASOS Semi Precious Circle Front and Back Earrings. I find white semi-precious jewellery gives a marble effect, very much my cuppa tea with the bohemian vibe. Not only are these easy to pair with any outfits, it's also light on the ears. One thing I tend to look at especially with earrings, is the weight. Don't want to feel like my ears will be at my knees at the end of the day. Stylish, yet, you don't have to sacrifice yourself with any pain!  

  With so many sculpting palettes out now, I always seem to only use the few colours on it. As much as the Kat Von D and Anastasia Contour Palettes are very useful, I can't seem to use it unless I'm doing makeup on other people. This Becca Shadow and Light (Bronze Contour Perfecter) is very build-able and I can use it individually for a nice contour on my eyes too. It might seem slightly shimmery for some but once applied, it you won't think shimmer or disco ball at all. Slims my jaw area and gives me the chiseled cheeks I long for. 

I bought this Elizabeth & James (White Nirvana Rollerball) back when I was still travelling in America. Back then, I brought along with me the Chanel eau Tendre, sadly, I dropped it and the glass bottle inside shattered into a million pieces. As much as the bathroom smelt like the perfume for the rest of the stay I was there, I can't seem to head out the door without some sort of perfume on. I was temped to purchase the Nirvana Black too but the White was slightly more feminine with peony. One thing I don't like about rollerball perfumes is that I don't know how much I'm actually applying on. Nevertheless, at least it hasn't spilled or leaked on me yet and it's great to travel around with.

When I first went into the Flagship Store in Kyoto for Hakuhodo brushes, I was like a kid in a candy store. No different when I walk straight into any makeup shop either. I've been told I look like I have diamonds in my eyes. Why I like this Hakuhodo S110 brush so much? Not only it is one of the softest brushes I've ever owned and used, the shape and size of this brush is perfect for my contour, blush and bronzer. The brush doesn't pick up too much product which I like too.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten lip colours but very often when I have a nude colour on, it washes my whole completion out. My first ever Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Melted Nude. Why I like this colour is because it is slightly more to the brown nude and the formula is not only long wearing but it does not leave that dry and crackly look on the lips.

Can you tell by how beat up it looks that I've been using it for a while? The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Medium 25. Thank god I bought a few extras! There are many brands available in Hong Kong like Maybelline but they always seem to lack the choices of colour and products I seem to like. For the whole month of April, with all the other concealers I have, this seems to work very well with the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops I have been using it with. A few more dotting around my face and blending it all over my face, sometimes I don't even have to use foundation at all! I do like the coverage of this concealer, does it's job and it doesn't crease much around my eye or smile line. As the day goes by, it doesn't sink into my pours like most concealers would either. Two thumbs up from me.
Do you prefer the Fit Me Concealer or the Instant Ages Rewind Eraser Concealer?

Toners are one of those things I do tend to try more often than serums and creams. This time, I've been trying the Nuxe Toning Lotion with Rose Petals and I like how it isn't as highly scented when I apply it on then when you smell it from the bottle. Generally, I don't tend to opt for rose scented or infused products because the scent can be over whelming. The toner itself is very refreshing and since I have slightly sensitive eyes, I find that I can apply it around my eye area without feeling the sting.

Music wise, I've been having Halsey's album on repeat, it's relaxing but it also gives the beat to keep me awake when I'm working. You might recognize her recent hit from the movie : The Huntsman- Winter's War (Castle)

What is/are your April Favorite(s)?
Let me know!

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