Monday, 20 June 2016

Before the Wedding

Before the wedding, after having what seemed like a feast, we headed out to the famous Namdaemun Market known as the 'Great South Gate' and Myeong-Dong area. 

We only managed to go walk pass the ground floor just to pass by, row after row, floor after floor of fashion bags, accessories, clothing items, etc. Didn't buy anything however, it was an eye opener for sure! It seemed endless... Every corner of the streets were filled with something from homeware items to food.

These Korean sugar coated donuts and pig's trotters seem to be a hit around town. 

On our way down to Myeong-Dong, we stopped at Lotte's Shopping Mall, had a light bite for lunch with Korean's famous cold noodles. A plain spicy one and a cool one with Korean pear, weirdly enough, I really like it with quite the dash of vinegar. 

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