Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May Favorites

Don't think there's another highlighter which can change the game. I have had this Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector by Jaclyn Hill in Champagne Pop for a little while and for now, there is nothing to me that can replace it. As hyped up as it is in the beauty world, Hourglass Ambient Light is still one of my top favorites too.

When I'm not typing, I'm literally writing, noting and sometimes the occasional calligraphy writing too. I use to use pencils like this but what makes it special is, it's mechanical. It may seem silly to some that I have a favorite like this but it works well for me! I couldn't pass up on getting the old eraser out just for the look of it too! This Incense Cedar SIERRA Slip-On brings back plenty of childhood and school memories just from the look of it.

Speaking of writing, I can't ever leave out a notebook with that. Keeping every thought or insipiration in one place helps more than me who use to write on what ever I can find (including my own arm). This Moleskin's Alice Adventures and Wonderland Ruled Notebook has already sold me the moment I saw it at the store. Who doesn't love the rabbit from Alice in the Wonderland right? We are all mad here. All the best people are too.

Never have I actually had this addiction to chocolate like ever. Anyone who knows me well enough, I've always been very good with temptation of chocolate and sweets. Dessert doesn't count, I'm only talking about snacking. I discovered this BarkTHINS snacking chocolate in Dark Chocolate with Blueberry and Quinoa Crunch in the food shop of Hong Kong Football Club. You can go into the sports club's food shop and pay in cash without being a member there. The chocolate itself comes in chunks so you can break it up into smaller pieces. I tend to grab a small bowl and make the most of it so I don't feel as guilty for snacking so much of it!

The next favorites, there's no doubt I will include, because it's my MOST FAVORITE moment ever.
I really have to thank my girlfriend for inviting me to her wedding, it was such a joyful moment to experience and reunite with friends across the globe and celebrate with love. Such a short trip to Korea but the best ever too.

I had my very first gel nails done in Korea too! Can't seem to get over how pretty it looks either!

Check out my instagram (click here) to see what else I was up to in Korea!!

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