Thursday, 9 June 2016

Seoul Day Alone

First time in 4 years to travel alone after all the doctor visits, hospital runs and various operations. I feel pretty accomplished I can show close ones that I can go off alone into the world again. Sounds silly in a way but to me, it was like a little bird finally set free from the cage. 

With no surprise, I was confused as a Korean and Japanese the moment I stepped and sat in my seat in the plane before take-off. Moment I went to purchase my bus ticket and checked-in to the hotel, same thing happened too. Funny how that always happens. 

Staying at Gangnam area, I wasn't too sure where to go for food for one since I was very much up for some traditional dishes. Most of the restaurants I went by were mostly Korean Barbecue or noddle pots which will take at least two people to have. Luckily, I ended up running into a junior from school who recommended this small restaurant called : The Jincook. Small world! What are the chances of seeing someone you haven't in about a decade! Wasn't able to pronounce it correctly but at least the spelling is right! 

Located in Sinnonhyeon Food Street, the streets were filled with the younger generation since there are a few universities around as I was told. 

Walking down the street with many Korean symbols all around was hard enough to understand but this restaurant was easy enough to recognize. Especially it was right next to Baskin Robins was even easier to spot. Thank god for the Wifi BB which I had rented in Hong Kong! 

After looking at what others were having, the cold noodles with spices looked very interesting but spicy at the same time. So I opted for the very traditional Pork Soup with Rice set. It only costed me 7000 won. Definitely enough for one.

After battling with myself whether to have something sweet or not, I was told to try this soft ice cream place called Milk Cow. Known for their organic milk and honey (honeycomb as well), first night here, why not right?   

I wanted to try the ones with cotton candy on top, shame they said it's all sold out but seeing the video at the counter, it looked like the cotton candy was suppose to be made on site. In the end, I went for what they considered the healthiest option and something I never thought I would ever choose. Soft ice cream with pistachio syrup, sunflower seeds and cashew nuts. 

What an evening to have indeed. 

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