Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Walking Around Gangnam

Bought my first coffee at Paris Baguette 
When I mean walking around Gangnam, I literally do mean the area... Never did I imagine myself that I would walk all the way from Sinnonhyeon Station (nearest station from the hotel I was staying) to Gangnam-gu Office Station. That took me about an hour's slow walking. After a couple of hours in the area, I then walked all the way to Donsan- Daero 13-gil (in Sinsa) and then all the way back to the hotel. Literally worked my way around anti-clockwise in a loop. 

After getting our nails done, we went for a hamburger steak around the corner. As far as I know, hamburger steak (the style) is originally from Japan, never had it up until now. It was really good! If you're not a fan of spicy food, I would suggest not having it with kimchi though. 

After lunch, I had the afternoon to walk around and my friend suggested me to head up to a shopping strip near Sinsa. Legged it all the way there too. 

Donsan- Daero 13-gil (street name) in Sinsa was packed with fashion, accessories and boutique shops. Along the way, there were a few cafes and cake shops. I got pretty tired from walking, so I when I saw shaved ice and green tea, I was sold. 

After a long hours rest, I headed back to the hotel to meet the rest of my friends! Little did I know, Gangnam area is famous for plastic surgeries. on the way back to the hotel, it was either plastic surgery buildings or rental rooms for plastic surgery patients. Saw a few Asian customers on the way all wrapped up like a mummy's head too. 

After meeting up with my friends at the hotel, we headed out to look for food and ended up at this barbecue place. Ordered some beef ribs and pork and time flew by when you catch up with friends you haven't seen for ages! 

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