Friday, 15 July 2016

June Favorites

June has been a weird one since being back in London, I haven't really found new things on the makeup side of things, perhaps it's the settling back in routine and getting back into work.

No matter, time for an upgrade with my phone! Had my eyes set on a a marble case for a while and I found this one from Society6. Slightly different from the usual all white chic marble but I like the gold tones it gives in different light. Click here to check it out 

I've been wearing this Orelia necklace most of this month and definitely a favorite of mine this summer too. I haven't been able to find the exact same one but Nylon does a very similar one (Click Here) to check it out 

I have had this Tuck In Leather Cardholder from &otherstories for a while. More of a 're'discovery for me since I haven't had the chance to use it for the longest time. 

Don't think I can ever had a monthly favorites without any lipsticks. One I've always loved and worn is Nars' Sheer Lipstick in Gipsy. I've already lost count how many I've repurchased it too. The colour is slightly more rosy on the lips but not to the point where it looks like I have a bold red lips. 

Apart from these things, being back in London has been one of my favorites.

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