Sunday, 24 July 2016

Yolkin : Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

This week has definitely been way way wayyyyyyy too hot here in London! So glad I finally had the chance to try Yolkin's ice cream sandwiches

With a macaron shell instead of a cookie, they change their flavors weekly so check their instagram (HERE) for flavor and location updates and I could not resist on having one of my favorites.
Mint Chocolate Chip.

The macaron shell is not too sweet with just right texture with the melting ice cream under the blazing hot sun. Size of the whole ice cream sandwich itself is just the perfect size for a dessert. I will say though, still can't beat my favorite of all time. Laduree's Ispahan. 

I'm not asked to advertise for them but for a weekend treat in this summer heat, who doesn't want to have something sweet, cooling and refreshing too right?! 

Only serving on Saturday and Sundays
 Current Location: 
Siam Eatery
24 Wellington Street
(Right opposite to Sophie's Steak House) 

Remember, it's a first come first serve basis, so don't miss out on it during the weekend. And keep up-to-date with where their location is. because it's a pop up store without it's own shop. 

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