Monday, 8 August 2016

Forest on Rooftop

The way to get up to the rooftop of Selfridges is through the lifts by the fragrance section on the ground floor. Don't go by the escalators because you will have to walk all the way back down with the slightest temptation for a bit of a shopping spree. 

Should be greeting by a staff at the lift, however, I didn't feel to welcomed by the staff who was operating the lift. She gave that vibe and expression which a guest should not be there when no reservation has been made. Not only did that happen to me, when two others walked right into the lift before the doors closed, same questioned asked and the other two guests felt weird and frowned with the way the staff questioned. Guess I wasn't the only one then! She wasn't exactly helpful to point us to the right direction to the restaurant either. Having working in the industry, I guess I do pick on the small things. 

Having going through that, walking through this corridor of arched leaves and flowers did lit up faces. Things turn down point when I was up at the reception though... Personally, she made me feel like she was about to murder someone... I maybe exaggerating but that is exactly how I felt. Since I wasn't allowed to be at my table because I was early, a drink at the bar was definitely happening. 

Forest Soar

Bloody Mary Soup with Crab
Despite going through that in the beginning, at least this Bloody Marry Soup made a good start to the meal. Chilled tomato soup with a shot of vodka in it. It really did taste like a Bloody Marry. Something to try when you're there. Something different 

Linguine with Clams
Chocolate Mousse 
The disappointment I actually had was actually dessert. I didn't order anything special in advance, however, I did request to write 'Happy Birthday' for dessert. That didn't happen... so things turned down hill from me there. It doesn't seem like they will be sending me an email after notifying the staff either. Apart from all these things happening, personally, I will go back to try the other food on the menu but I just don't think I will have that expectation for a restaurant up in Selfridges.

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