Monday, 29 August 2016

Organised Travels

 Yes, off I went home to Atlanta again. It's always lovely to be back for one. Two, I was asked where I got my travel wallet. So I thought, why not just dedicate this to travelling organisation? 

What made me buy this travel wallet in the first place was when I went to Seoul, Korea last, I didn't use a or have a passport holder or wallet to put into and I know I'm that type of person who'd want everything in it's place. I did manage to find a few in Korea which I was tempted to buy but I guess I just wanted to find something a little more classic and will last me a long time. Don't get me wrong, as much as I love funky colours and design, I personally wanted to get something I could see myself using more than just a season hit. 

100% genuine cow leather at the price of £45. I was stuck between choosing the colour, either with this tan/ camel which I eventually got or a pale pink one. It even comes in an all black too. With enough card holders for any travel cards needed, There's also a zipper section to place some extra cash or name cards too. Passport protected and all documents needed are all in the same place. Another point which put me off from buying the ones in Korea was many of them had a magnetic closure, whereas this one has got the simple button.

Apart from having a travel wallet, I normally have an A4 or A5 sized folder if I need to take any printed documents like the online check-in boarding pass. Apart from that, I will never travel without my diary planner. Some people ask me why I don't use my phone, iCloud or computer to keep a record of the schedules. Well, I've had the worst incident back when I was still back in university where all my work and timetables were all messed up after a power loss in dorm/ student hall. Ever since then I've never depended on electronic devices for my updated schedules. Call me old fashioned if you want but it works well for me.

I never travel with makeup on me anyway except some antiseptic wipes and a traveled sized alcohol gel to disinfect my hands. With the medication I take with me, usual wallet, phone, keys and coin case, a pack of tissue, laptop, chargers, camera and I'm all set to go.

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