Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hook Line & Schooner

When you're feeling for that seafood crave, Hook Line & Schooner is the place to fish for. 
Very southern and very much reminded me of New Orleans styles back in the day! Since I've never been asked to write a review on any restaurants, I really do tell you as it is and what we or I've had. 

Anyone in the Atlanta area, you'd probably know they do a special on Wednesdays. It's a "Half Price Peel N Eat Shrimp till the stocks still in!" 

Go have as many as you can till you're content! 

Eventually and as usual with my fam bam, FOOOOOOOD! All on the table to share. 

Top Dish to Front:
Maple Bread Pudding $6.00
Fish and Chips $15.00
Green Goddess $14.00
Managed to order a dessert to fit in as well ! Just put everything on to the table as usual! 
The Smoked Shrimp from the Green Goddess was too smokey though... it over powered everything else on the dish even the sweetness of the crab meat. 

Shrimp Po'Boy $12.00
Very much "Unknown" what drink this is. 
All I can tell you is, it's IPA and $5.00. 

Managed to try the Charbroiled Oysters too!
Definitely recommend the HLS ($10.00) per order (half a dozen) 
We ordered the Cajun flavored too (also $10.00). Good old 'Old Bay' flavoring. but if you do like the taste of oysters, you will like the simplicity of HLS, which is only roasted garlic butter and Parmesan cheese.   

Just looks good enough to eat even though it's only a photo. 

No photos edited* 

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