Thursday, 1 December 2016

Gin : Beefeater Distillery

Shaken not stirred. 
Couldn't help but start with that. 
If you're a James Bond fan, I'm pretty sure you know why I've said that. 

To the shop itself, you can visit it anytime when it's open.
Be sure to make an online booking for the tour if you're thinking of it. I have been told they do have bartenders attending the tour itself to learn more about Beefeater Gin's history and flavor itself.

For their VIP experience, (Click Here) for more information. 
And the normal tour (Click Here).
A tour normally fits about 15 people, so if you're got a big group, just give them an email. 

Entering The Home of Gin

The first part of the museum itself is to let you understand how Beefeater Gin came to it's present day 150 years ago. Exploring a little bit more giving it's modern twist how our teas started to be alcoholic  for our afternoon teas too. 

After touring around the museum, we were brought up to a room filled with the scents of what Beefeater was made of. Any one who likes gin would know the basis of the flavor are juniper berries, orange and lemon peel, coriander and various other herbs and ingredients which make Beefeater Gin the spirit it is today. 

The photo above shows the original containers which still makes the gin for Beefeater every day, every bottle. Each container produces a different amount which is indicated on the yellow board on display. There is still one of the original containers which is made out of copper, may be small, but still in good use to distill Beefeater's finest. 

One of their staff takes you around to understand the flavors, scents and new coming like the Beefeater 24 which was inspired by the House Distiller Master himself after with botanical flavors. A quick understanding of how gin is really distilled from pure alcohol to the slight citrus and aniseed flavor. I won't give away too much or else it wouldn't be fun if you went yourself right!? 

. After a quick gin and tonic at the bar, and a chat with the staff since we had a very small group at the tour, we managed to understand even more just out of the curiosity in us. Little while after we found ourselves back to the starting point, the shop. Time to get a bottle and start drinking like James Bond.

20 Montfrod Place,
SE11 5DE

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