Sunday, 4 November 2018

My Story : Luck in Life Year 5

One thing I have learnt over these 5 years living with cancer.
In my case, it won't completely be cleared or cured 
Just live with it.
All We Have Is Now

I didn't write anything for my 4th Year here,  there's no excuse.
I have had the hardest time being inspired, creative and even trying to motivate myself in my terms.
From then till now,
"life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get"
Some days were too sweet, some days bitter, some just mellow, some even sour and sharp.

Kind of does some up many things through these couples of years that I've been through.
Of course, thanking everyone around me that supports me, I am so blessed that I have so many people in my life that not only supports what I do for my career, life but most importantly, mentally. 

It has been a major subject to talk about these couple of years where alot of bloggers you read or vloggers you watch about our mental health. Without denying, it is important to have a good back support. Keep those close to you who support and love you, leave those behind who don't care and only takes advantages. These two things have been the top 5 things that has taught me over these 5 short years. 

Live the life you want and strive for it. 
I always try to strive for the better and work as hard as I can.
There will be people who will bring you down.
There will always be more of those who will take you to joy of various heights. 

5 years with cancer (and a very rare type too)
Having to know that I've literally been turned into a case study, I'm okay with it.
Honestly, if the research for my illness can bring better treatments to those who have it in the future, I'm willing to give all that I can and support to the medical team.

Blessed and won't ramble on any longer.
After what's happened 5 years ago.
Definitely say that I'm very lucky to be alive and to have met so many new and great friends surrounded with love, laughter and full of life.

Just remind yourself like I try to everyday.
Take each day and each thing as it comes.
S x

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