Thursday, 27 March 2014

Off to Fukuoka

I only know two from this lot... 
Had to send this to my bestest friend in London that same day too! 
Mom & I 
Couldn't resist one before the flight
Travelling in causal comfort
Jumper : ASOS | Jeans : True Religion | Shoes : Hush Puppies
Flight meal
Hong Kong Style Milk tea by Tai Hing !
I forgot to use this coupon in the end... 
Was asked by the air-hostess to fill in a survey and was given a coupon as a thank you. Completely forgotten I had this on the way back to Hong Kong but shame I normally don't buy anything from the inflight sales. 
First glance out from the airport
10 min taxi ride to the hotel
View from my room 

Tenjin Station
I'm calling it the "Girls Underground Heaven"
AKA : Shopping! 

Street food 

We just kina decided to pick one restaurant to try since it looked alright from the menu we saw. Didn't think twice and walked straight in. One of the best thing we actually did and do too! It was a yakitori kina night. 

Strawberry flavored whiskey 


Wearing one of my favorite beanies by H&M | Coat : Sheinside
Must Have !! 

That pretty much sums up from flight to check-in and a delicious dinner to start the trip with. It's our first time to Fukuoka, we stayed in Hotel Nikko which was very convenient! 5 min walk on the street or underground and you're already at Hakata Station for the JR and Fukuoka City Subway. Not only that, none of us had any problems with the wifi either! That's the only way I uploaded photos onto my instagram (@stephlui88) and my last post Travelling Light (cosmetics)

After dinner, we went past a supermarket on our way back to the hotel. Usually getting large bottles of water but when I saw Japanese strawberries, I just couldn't resist it at all! Washed and completely demolished them when I got back to my hotel room. Sweet, delightful and most importantly, it's local. I could have them everyday, it's a total bliss. 

Hotel Nikko 
2-18-25 Hakata Ekimae, 
Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 
812-0011, Japan

Only the beginning. More to come! 


  1. Great write up, can't wait to read more.

  2. Wow! Fukuoka looks spectacular from the photos! There are so many sights, I'm sure you had loads of fun there. And don't get me started on the food! My mouth waters just by looking at it. Stay beautiful!

    Malinda @ Shippin Stone Haven

    1. thank you lovely! Should definitely visit Japan if you ever have the chance! xxx


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