Sunday, 25 May 2014

Evening Skincare Routine

I know it's taken me a lot longer to post my Evening Skincare Routine because between the this post from my Morning Skincare Routine, my skin was acting up. Changing my skincare routine is a pretty big thing for me and I do normally stick with the same products till I feel like it's not doing what it's suppose to. Some products are still the same as my Morning Skincare Routine (read here), so I won't blabber too much about the same products I have listed before. First thing I do is wash my hands and take my contacts off. Because I use the daily ones, I don't have to fuss over with the contact solutions. 

Bifesta : Eye Makeup Remover
Shake this baby up till the solution is murky (yes, till it looks murky). I find that one cotton pad is enough for both my eyes! Takes off all my super waterproof mascara and eyeliner! It even quickly takes off my falsies off just by gently soaking the product a little longer onto my eye and then give it a gentle wiggle till the falsies come off. It's a drugstore product too so I don't have to feel like I have to use it sparingly. The package does recommend you to remove your contacts off too before you using the solution.

Bioderma : Crealine H2O 
My mom was the first to introduce this to me when I was in boarding school all those years ago! The only place we could use to find it was in France when we drove down to Paris! I'm not gona lie, after seeing this product come to hype over the years and trying different face makeup removers, this is by far the best for a water based makeup remover! I use about 2 cotton pads drenched with the product on a day to day bases unless I've decided to have full-on makeup to an event/party.

Lancome : Mousse Douceur 
I give my face a good splash of water before using this. With my hands wet, I squeeze about a little more than a pea size, rub it between my fingers till it foams up and then apply it onto my entire face in circular motion. Concentrating the product mostly on my nose and cheeks and jaw area where I normally have the most makeup products applied and might have missed from using both makeup removers. Until I feel like I've gotten all the excess makeup off, then I will wash my face before using the normal Galateis Douceur (cleansing milk).

Then I'm most likely headed for the shower.

I then use the usual toner by Lancome as well as the Bicelle Hydra B5 Gel. 

Phyto-C : Moisturize Cream 
I've used up the Clinique one I've had before and have switched to this one. When I first used it, I thought the texture was too thick and would break me out but little did I know, a little really does go a long way. Massaging the cream to my face and use to excess product down to my neck area. I just wish more of these creams were put into a pump so I don't have to stick my fingers in... I'm not the biggest fan on using a scoop either because I end up losing them after a while. 

Bobbi Brown : Hydrating Eye Cream 
Applying this after I let all my moisturizer have be absorbs to my skin and giving my eyes a quick little massage on the way. I've actually had it depotted into this small container because I still have some left from the last time I went travelling! 

A good lip balm and then off to bed reading blogs, a book or watching some vlogs.

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